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about me

Quick Facts


My Season: Autumn


Fun Fact: I lived in Japan for over a decade


Calming Sound: Thunderstorms


Childhood Book: The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford


Color: Olive Green & Black 


Food Obsession: Watermelon


Fantasy Career: Pokémon Trainer & Marine Biologist  


Dream Project: A spooky fun and giggle-worthy early reader 

Dream Home: Lighthouse in a small seaside town


Hi, I'm Clarice! 

I am a children's author and illustrator based in Texas. 

My work celebrates childhood moments sprinkled with magic, nature, and adventure. I love learning and immersing myself in research (or fieldwork) for projects. And although I love all critters, I have a strict look-don't-touch rule for insects. Sorry buggies!    


Working with an NPO to raise awareness for wildlife would be a dream project. A good spooky mystery is also high on my list.  


When not working on art, you can find me staying active, curious, and busy building blanket forts with my little monkeys. 

Represented by Ethan & Heather Long at Tugeau 2. 


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